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  • Book Review: DEFENDING BEEF

    Since founding a jerky company I have been confronted with the question many times over: “Isn’t beef bad for the environment?”  While often couched in different metrics like water usage, carbon emission and methane off gassing - the general assumption among Americans today is that their favorite meat presents a major ethical problem.

    Recognizing the potential for negative impact in cattle production is at the heart of our mission. At Meat N Nuts we know the conditions at some of our largest domestic feedlot operations are horrendous, harmful to the animals, and detrimental to our natural ecosystems. By confining cattle to close quarters, feedlot farms divert significant quantities of water, truck in massive amounts of feed, and often pool harmful and toxic liquid methane that can lead to ecological disaster. A dramatic majority of our domestic meat supply comes from operations described.

    Even with all of these issues, beef in itself is NOT the problem, and at Meat N Nuts we are providing a solution to consumers by packaging an alternative to feedlot beef!  

    How is non-feedlot beef such an improvement? Simply put, cattle are one of nature’s most equipped machines for improving soil health and redistributing carbon from our atmosphere back to the soil. Providing a herd of cattle the space to roam openly also dissipates the effects of methane off gas, and potentially utilizing the demand for beef to improve soil health and sequester carbon will help our planet.

    For those interested readers please consider picking up a copy of the recently published “Defending Beef” by Nicolette Hahn Niman, a vegetarian environmental lawyer turned cattle rancher through marriage to Niman Ranch, an exemplar of responsible animal husbandry and purveyor of high quality meat.  

    A great read for any interested beef eaters! A great read for any interested beef eaters!

    Hahn Niman takes approximately 250 pages to lay out in detail our worst fears and greatest hope. Strictly speaking, the book attempts to clear the name of “beef” as the baddest offender of agricultural detriment to our environment, and in doing so demonstrates both that the nature of our current crisis stems from human consumption.

    Hahn Niman’s examination is not limited to environmental impacts alone - the author investigates both the changes in our national health dating back half a century before one-third of our calories were coming from fast food restaurants and a majority of our beef coming from feedlots.  Hahn Niman, along with many other nutritionists, shows that an industrial system that incentivizes the size of the cattle and speed of maturation, and encourages the prevalence of antibiotics and steroids in achieving those results is dramatically less beneficial to the consumer. Grass fed and pasture meats raised on their ideal diet of grasses pass on vital nutrients to the consumer ranging from good fats to iron to crucial vitamins.   Don’t just take our word for it!  Read more by picking up your own copy of “Defending Beef”!


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  • Happy 2016 from Team Meat N Nuts!

    Happy 2016 to all!

    We hope you are as excited as we are to get the year underway.  Big changes have been in store for us at MNN, and we are pleased to share with you our website and updated brand. We have a lot in the works for the year ahead, including a lot of exciting new material coming at you from Meat N Nuts Brand jerky trail mixes! You can expect to find interesting company news and promotions, GREAT MNN-approved recipes, and certified sterling reading recommendations for anyone looking to Chew Their Own Adventure.

    As for 2016, we're looking ahead to the following:

    • Continue to share our love of jerky and trail mix together with our friends online.
    • Bring Meat N Nuts to retail locations in Los Angeles and Philadelphia. (New York City to follow!)
    • Launch our Meat N Nuts Scouts subscription program to make buying monthly Meat N Nuts easier than takeout.
    • Expand our product offerings - we have exciting new flavors in the works!
    • Offer MNN Swag to encourage our Scouts to strut their stuff when out and about.
    • Help you #ReachYourPeak by supporting athletes, hikers and bikers and their active lifestyles.

    The year is as new as a sprouting single blade of grass - destined for cow fodder. The year is as new as a sprouting blade of grass - destined for a happy cow.

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