As Meat N Nuts Scouts we have a responsibility to leave our space better than we found it. As Pioneers we recognize the impact we have on the planet can be irreversible. Together we are challenging existing ways of business that are harmful and degrading to Mother Nature. By supporting Meat N Nuts we can take this journey together!
We are far from perfect today - but we are intent on minimizing our footprint and maximizing our good in every facet of our company. Meat N Nuts commits to providing wholesome ingredients, recycling and upcycling when possible, and empowering our consumers and other businesses to create local solutions in the face of climate change.
Raising animals in grassy fields ensures a humane and healthy quality of life, while protecting our environment from soil erosion and ecological damage. A growing body of evidence confirms the link between soil health and pasture-grazed animals, which stimulate plant growth, water retention, and the reduction of greenhouse gases. Utilizing pastured animals to sequester and return carbon to the soil, and dissipating the effects of methane off-gassing is highly preferable to Mother Nature over existing water intensive and hazardous feedlot systems that rely on genetically modified corn and soy as feed.
If you are looking to learn more about how grass fed cattle can help us solve climate change through carbon sequestration take a look at our friends from the Marin Carbon Project We look forward, with optimism, to the growing market of grass fed and pasture raised meats in the USA.
industrial monocrop
When designing our trail mix we were constantly told: “Don’t skimp on the nuts!” That’s why we chose to feature Almonds, Cashews and Walnuts in our trail mix -- in part because they are some of the best tasting available -- but also because we believe they hold the key to shifting the agricultural paradigm from a largely industrialized monocrop system to a biodynamic diverse ecosystem.
A pressing concern is the preservation of the honeybee- the foundation of our agricultural production and a force of nature. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is a sign of imbalance between the natural ecological needs of bees. No harmful practices are required for biodynamic and organic farming, which also report next to no problems or threats among their bee populations, water, crop yield, and soil erosion. By nourishing plants and healthy bee populations, we are improving the overall health of our ecosystem and planet.
Building the market between responsible farms and consumers to support biodiversity and promote healthy ecosystems is important to us. That is why we seek to feature unique farms with the best domestic almond and walnut growing practices, including biodynamic farming and water conservation -- if that sounds like your family farm, please contact us!
biodegradable packaging
pacific trash vortex
From the start we have wanted our package to feature prominently, but we realize the importance of selecting the right materials. Currently we are seeking the ability to “upcycle” all the bags we use for Meat N Nuts through a company that utilizes products which are difficult to recycle, and turns them into useful materials and items, giving them a second life! Beyond this method, we are excited and keen to have an entirely sustainable and biodegradable package which could even be planted with your favorite garden herbs or in the ground on your next camping trip.
We believe companies should be held accountable the same as individuals when it comes to disposing of their trash and reducing their waste. For the founders and for the many of us who enjoy the treasures of the great outdoors we feel it is imperative to protect and conserve our natural resources. Too many of our mountains, streams, lakes, and oceans have become tragically threatened by development. It’s the whisper in the wind, the sound of bees buzzing, the pure smell in the air - these are the things we need to take care are long lasting, to ensure not only our children, but our children’s children and beyond can experience life and our planet in all of its glorious splendor.
As a snack food company we pledge to always promote awareness for these pressing issues and participate in local revitalization and preservation movements -- and we encourage you to do the same!