Pure Provisions



Meat N Nuts is strictly wholesome ingredients and great natural flavors to produce a Pure Provision to fuel any expedition. We also produce our trail mix by utilizing underserved Americans with disabilities through an employment center dedicated to enriching their lives.

Pure Provisions take us back in time to incorporate diet practices similar to our ancestors in our modern lifestyle. Eating minimally processed foods limits the unwanted additives found in many conventional packaged snacks on the market today. Our provision offers high protein, grass fed beef and free range chicken, and your daily dose of healthy fats together in one snack.

Our Meat N Nuts blend of wholesome pasture raised meats, raw nuts, and dried fruit provides quality energy, omitting preservatives, additives, gluten, antibiotics, refined sugars and corn syrups. Grass Fed and Free Range meat are jam-packed with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are better for both cardiovascular health and contain anti-inflammatory properties. And since our meats are raised without hormones or antibiotics, you can rest assured that when enjoying our jerky you are supporting responsible farming practice and avoiding products tainted with artificial hormones and antibiotics.

Our responsibility to provide you with quality product is not limited to ingredients alone! We believe in equal opportunity employment and opportunities for every member of our society - which is why we partnered with Work Activities Center in Utah, a leader in employing persons with disabilities and ensuring that our demand for domestic manufacturing supports their employment and enrichment.

your daily dose of healthy fats + slow carbohydrates, together in one snack.

Meat N Nuts is an exception to the health food world - it tastes incredible while offering high protein, no refined sugars, grass fed beef and free range chicken.

Meat N Nuts is more than the sum of its jerky and trail mix parts. As a wholesome product and responsible company we are aiming to provide guilt free snacking on every level. Eat well knowing your Meat N Nuts was raised pure, nurtured with care, and packaged with a social consciousness.